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Unique Benefits of Automation near Jackson, WY

When thinking about updating your windows, chances are colors and fabric choices are two of the first things that spring to mind. While these are, of course, important characteristics to consider when redesigning your living space, think about ways in which swapping out your current decor can also make your home more usable and tech-friendly. At Grand Teton Floor & Window Coverings, our design team can help you think about the unique benefits of automation if you want to explore new opportunities to invite light into your space.

Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation with easy control features, impressive settings, and more near Jackson, Wyoming (WY)

Introducing Generation 3 of PowerView® Automation

Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation is in its third generation of updated technology and is an award-winning motorized window treatment system.

This Hunter Douglas system can be controlled in a variety of ways. If you are hoping to program your PowerView® system so that your window coverings move throughout the day when you are at work, consider using the downloadable PowerView® app. After adding it to your Apple® or Android™ device, you will discover that there are many ways to optimize the settings so that they work best for the needs of your household. Whether you want your shades to lower once you leave in the morning or right before you come home at night is entirely up to you.

Of course, accessing the PowerView® App also provides an unexpected way to experience the Wyoming sunlight as well. The intuitive nature of this Hunter Douglas offering allows your shades move along with the sunrise or sunset based on your particular location, which means that you can enjoy mornings and evenings like never before. By programming your preferred schedules ahead of time, you can rest assured that your window fashions will automate without any additional effort from you. This is another one of the unique benefits of automation.

When thinking about how you hope to use this system within your home, you may instead envision yourself lowering a shade from your sofa to reduce a glare on a television or lifting three shades at once to brighten up an entire room. Fortunately, the PowerView® can help you do just that as well once you utilize the Pebble® Remote. This handheld device, which features a sleek design and multiple color options, provides flexibility thanks to its range of easy-to-use features. As you can see, there are many unique benefits of automation.

Pair With Your Smart Home Devices

Aside from the aforementioned control options, the PowerView® can also be paired with your current home automation system, such as Amazon Alexa or Siri®. As a result, it's easy to reposition your shades via voice activation. Once you begin speaking with our staff, you will certainly be able to see how the unique benefits of automation can streamline and improve your everyday routine. Interested in other options when redesigning your windows? Ask our friendly team about our other products, such as shutters, woven woods, honeycomb shades, and more.

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