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Benefits of Fall Window Treatments

At certain times throughout the year, you may find yourself thinking about ways that the interior of your home could be upgraded. One simple and efficient way to bring new style into the space is changing how you decorate your windows. At Grand Teton Floor & Window Coverings, our knowledgeable and experienced staff can help you learn about some of the benefits of fall window treatments as you embark on your personal journey.

Benefits of Fall Window Treatments including PowerView™ Automation and shades Near Jackson, Wyoming (WY)

Vary Your Design With Energy-Efficient Shades

One of the benefits of fall window treatments is that they come in a wide assortment of interesting designs. If you are someone who has become interested in making your residence more energy efficient, adding Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb Shades could be a great idea. These impressive pieces feature crisp lines and distinct pockets, which successfully work to trap unwanted air. As a result, simply putting these into place could work to lower your monthly energy bill and consumption.

As these durable window fashions can be customized in a variety of ways, we are confident that you will be able to create pieces that can either make a bold statement or work to tie the overall aesthetic together. While exploring our range of unique colors, various pleat sizes, and different opacities, you will find that customization is fully in your hands. Another one of the benefits of fall window treatments like the Duette® is that they can be placed on skylights or unusually shaped windows as well.

Try Roman Shades with Insulating Tech

Along the lines of energy efficiency, our Solera® Soft Shades can also give you a new and interesting way to protect your windows by adding new insulation. These window coverings are standout pieces due to their unique characteristics. A combination of roman shades and cellular shades, while these exhibit the look of a classic roman shade, they also use a cellular construction in order to create a buffer. These cordless shades come in many beautiful colors and both room-darkening and light-filtering opacities, which means you can customize various facets of your new pieces. As you can see, there are many benefits of fall window treatments.

Add Gen 3 PowerView® Automation

However, introducing cellular shades is not the only way that you can go about bringing new energy efficiency into your household. By adding PowerView® Automation, you can easily raise your window treatments in the morning and lower them at night. This means that by pushing a button on the associated PowerView® app or Pebble® remote control, you can allow the sunlight in at a moment's notice. This Hunter Douglas system can easily streamline your everyday routine as well thanks to features such as room scenes and the ability to reposition up to six shades at once, now powered by Bluetooth technology!

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